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NukeViet's versioning schemes

NukeViet using 2 versioning schemes:

I. By numbers (technical purposes):
Structure for numbers is:

1.Major: Major update. Probably not backwards compatible with older version.
2.Minor: Minor change, may introduce new features, but backwards compatibility is mostly retained.
3.Revision: Minor bug fixes. Packed for testing or pre-release purposes... Closed beta, open beta, RC, Official release.

II: By names (new version release management)
Main milestones: Closed beta, Open beta, Release candidate, Official.
1. Closed beta: Limited testing.
characteristics: New features testing. It may not include in official version if doesn't accord with community. Closed beta's name can contain unique numbers. Ex: Closed beta 1, closed beta 2,... Features of previous release may not include in it's next release. Time release is announced by development team. This milestone stop when system haven't any major changes.
Purposes: Pre-release version to receive feedbacks and ideas from community. Bug fixes for release version.
Release to: Programmers, expert users.
    Using: None.
    Testing: Documents, not include manual.
Upgrade: None.

2. Open beta: Public testing.
characteristics: Features testing, contain full features of official version. It's almost include in official version even if it doesn't accord with community. This milestone start after closed beta milestone closed and release weekly to fix bugs. Open beta's name can contain unique numbers. Ex: Open beta 1, open beta 2,... Next release include all features of it's previous release. Open beta milestone stop when system haven't any critical issue.
Purposes: Bug fixed which not detect in closed beta.
Release to: All users of nukeviet.vn forum.
    Using: Limited. Manual and forum supports.
    Testing: Full.
Upgrade: None.

3. Release Candidate:
characteristics: Most stable version and prepare for official release. Release candidate's name can contain unique numbers.
Ex: RC 1, RC 2,... by released number.
If detect cretical issue in this milestone. Another Release Candidate version can be release sooner than release time announced by development team.
Purposes: Reduce bugs of using official version.
Release to: All people.
Supports: Full.
Upgrade: Yes.

4. Official:
characteristics: 1st stable release of new version. It only using 1 time. Next release using numbers. Release about 2 weeks after Release Candidate milestone stoped.
Purposes: Stop testing and recommend users using new version.

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